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Free2Mover’s Top Winter Carsharing Tips

Slippery sidewalks, freezing cold bus stops, snow storms out of nowhere… Driving a car in winter can be a real saving grace from the elements. But there are a few tips and tricks experienced carsharers use that make their winter driving experience even better, or in some cases can save you some cash while defrosting the car! Check out our top winter carsharing tips from our very own Free2Movers right here.

5 Winter Carsharing Tips

Seat heating

carsharing tips - seat heating

Car2Go’s Smart’s have seat heating! The button is on the left side of the driver’s seat, where most people don’t find it. Enjoy! – Alexandra

Leg covers

In Paris, Coup’s e-scooters have leg covers to keep your legs and hips warm during cold winter scooter rides. – Florence

Frosty windows

carsharing tips

Bring your own ice-scraper for frosty windows! That way you can scrape the windows while the car is still reserved and you don’t have to pay for the time it takes. – Tobias

Cleaning report

cleaning report - carsharing tips

Sadly people sometimes smoke in Car2Go cars, which isn’t allowed. Make sure to report this when you pick up the rental! – Lorenzo

Back massage

Not strictly a winter carsharing tip… but I LOVE Ubeeqo Golfs. They have very customisable seats with different back support settings. And there’s a button on the left side of the driver’s seat that activates a BACK MASSAGE. Game changer! – Christoph

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