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5 Ways to Integrate Sustainability Into Your Daily Routine

When it comes to protecting the planet, the little things really do add up. No matter how small your contribution, whether it’s choosing recyclable materials, reducing your waste or adapting your travel habits, what you do in daily life makes a difference. Here are a few tips of things you can incorporate into your daily habits that will become second-nature in no time, seriously reduce your carbon footprint, and hopefully inspire others to join in!

Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

1- Recycle

reduce carbon footprint - recycle

Paying more attention to the garbage you produce is a great place to start reducing your carbon footprint. By separating your home waste by their materials you will not only make sure materials that can get recycled get into the correct process, but you’ll quickly start to notice just HOW much packaging your household uses. Slowly try to opt for packaging-free ingredients when you foodshop, bring your own shopping bags and keep empty glass jars to store foods in if you don’t recycle them.

2- Only send emails when needed

reduce carbon footprint - Only send emails when needed

You’ve only just switched to paperless billing, and now this? Yep, turns out even emails produce CO2 emissions. Of course sending emails is pretty much vital these days, but think twice before you send heavy attachments or short emails.

3- Eat seasonal vegetables

reduce carbon footprint - eat seasonal vegetables

You’re making great progress! Now that you’re buying your veggies packaging-free, go an extra step and try to buy seasonal vegetables from your region. Your foods will be fresher and have a much smaller carbon footprint because they didn’t have to be transported as far as imported foods. Another tip: buying organic vegetables is a brilliant way to help protect insect species, which have been in shocking declines lately.

4- Say no to plastic straws

reduce carbon footprint - Say no to plastic straws.001

This tip isn’t news to most people, but it’s surprising how often bars still serve drinks with a plastic straw. By turning the straw down you’ll be saving a single-use piece of plastic, and hopefully reminding the establishment you’re at that their customers are ready for change! 

5- Carpool with friends

reduce carbon footprint - carpool with friends

If driving a car is unavoidable for you, why not find out if there’s someone with a similar route you can split the ride with or if you can use carsharing! Not only will you save on costs, but halve your carbon footprint. And for extra sustainability points, check out electric or hybrid vehicles you can rent near you spontaneously with Free2Move carsharing.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

Finally, if you’re trying to make a change and adapt your daily routine, you may be interested to start commuting to work by bike. Here are 6 tips for creating a sustainable cycle to work habit.

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