Road trip- valentines day ideas

Do Something Different This Valentine’s Day… Whether You’re Single or Not.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we’ve heard and seen it all: heart-shaped helium balloons floating through the city, drugstores wallpapered with offers for pink perfumes, “Kiss” and “I Will Always Love You” on permanent loop on the radio and of course the overcrowded restaurants on February 14th. It’s easy to get the feeling that this day was invented exclusively for perfect couples holding hands, walking through a park and looking at each other with a gaze that most people save for pizza. Or to make single people even more miserable than at the annual family gathering quiz about their love life.

Let’s face it, nobody asked for Valentine’s day. But now that it’s in our calendars, we might as well celebrate the day of love in whichever way we choose! Whether it’s the love you have for your friends or family, your partner, pizza or for yourself, make this Valentine’s Day about the things and people YOU love.

Here are 7 fun Valentine’s Day ideas on how you can spend this day far away from Valentine’s Day clichés, alone or with friends. Of course you can also bring your better half with you – as an exception.

7 fun Valentine’s Day ideas – whether you’re single or not. 

Do (fun) sports

Bouldering - valentines day ideas

Relax, we’re not talking about the gym here. How about trying something really fun like indoor climbing or trampoline jumping? You can do these kinds of sports in almost every city but often located a little bit outside. So why don’t you get a car or a bike to get there? If you don’t own any, car, scooter or bike sharing could be a quick and easy option.

Dinner in the Dark

Dinner in complete darkness? Maybe not the best idea for a first date but definitely a super fun adventure for a Valentine’s Day Date with friends. Just be careful where you poke you fork.

Pub crawl

In case you are out with a bigger group of Valentine’s Day refusers, why don’t you organize a pub crawl? If there aren’t a lot of cool bars in your area you like the great news is you’ll be less picky with each bar you stumble into.

Ice or Roller Skating

Ice skating - valentines day ideas

Now this one really is a hoot. Whether you’re a triple-axis superstar or prefer to slide across the ice rink on your rear end, you’re guaranteed at least a few laughs at the ice skating rink. And for extra fun, find out of there’s a roller disco happening near you. Skate the pain away!

Send flowers or chocolate to a friend (or to yourself)

Who doesn’t love little gestures? Make your mother happy and send her a flower bouquet or treat your best friends with their favourite chocolate. Or make sure your colleagues green with envy and send yourself something sweet to the office!

Cheese, wine or gin tastings

Do we really have to say anything more? Grab a pal and try out different flavors of some of your favourite things. Tastings are usually held in groups, so who knows? Maybe you will find the love of your life over a french cheese plate or a glass of gin tonic.

Plan a road trip

Road trip- valentines day ideas

If you’re constantly running in to your ex as soon as you leave the house, maybe it’s time to leave the city for a short vacation! Call your best friend, get a car and hit the road! Cities are often surrounded by beautiful countryside and you will find a lot of interesting spots for a weekend getaway.

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, I would recommend to use Free2Move to get there and make the day even more special. It’s a carsharing aggregator where you can find the closest vehicles, compare prices and book all the car, scooter or bike sharing providers you want. Registration is free, you can get special offers and it’s available in +30 cities and +10 countries! If you’re new to carsharing, here’s a quick overview.

Carshare on Valentine's day

Carshare on Valentine's day

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