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Everything You Need to Know About COUP e-Scooters

Mobility sharing has been evolving at such a fast pace that all the big players in the industry have been investing in it. COUP is Bosch’s free-floating scooter-sharing service, based in Berlin. They’re also pretty easy to recognise: the scooters black and green, all over town, and sound a bit like a Tamagotchi. And guess what, they’re the perfect way to get around the city! Where can you use COUP? COUP started ...

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emmy sharing berlin

Emmy Sharing in Berlin

Berlin is on the front line when it comes to urban mobility. You can easily find all sorts of services across car sharing, scooter and bike sharing all over the city. And if you live in Berlin, you’ve probably noticed a number of flame-red e-scooters going around the city, right? Let’s get to know Emmy sharing! These two seater scooters are perfect for short trips in your Kiez. Where can you ...

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How to Rent and Drive an e-scooter in Berlin in 4 Easy Steps

Whether or not you’ve driven a scooter before, don’t worry. Berlin’s shared e-scooters are super simple to get the hang of, and in no time you’ll be zipping through town on one! Here’s the simplest way to book and find your e scooter in Berlin, along with hints and tips on how to get started. First off, there are two e-scooter services available in Berlin. You’ve probably seen loads of black-and-green ...

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