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Everything You Need to Know About COUP e-Scooters

Mobility sharing has been evolving at such a fast pace that all the big players in the industry have been investing in it. COUP is Bosch’s free-floating scooter-sharing service, based in Berlin. They’re also pretty easy to recognise: the scooters black and green, all over town, and sound a bit like a Tamagotchi. And guess what, they’re the perfect way to get around the city! Where can you use COUP? COUP started ...

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booking drivenow tegel

Drive To And From Tegel Airport With Car2go

In Berlin, you can drive to and from Tegel airport with Car2go and other carsharing companies. In case you’re wondering why you should even consider this option, let me just say that it’s cheaper than a taxi, faster than public transport, AND you won’t need to drag your luggage in the S-Bahn. Keep on reading to get all the information you need for your next trip!     Tegel Airport with car2go Book ...

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emmy sharing berlin

Emmy Sharing in Berlin

Berlin is on the front line when it comes to urban mobility. You can easily find all sorts of services across car sharing, scooter and bike sharing all over the city. And if you live in Berlin, you’ve probably noticed a number of flame-red e-scooters going around the city, right? Let’s get to know Emmy sharing! These two seater scooters are perfect for short trips in your Kiez. Where can you ...

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Driving To Schönefeld Airport With Car2go

Arriving to Schönefeld Airport shouldn't be a hassle, but most of the time it is. Taking a taxi costs between 40 & 50 euros and going there by public transport isn't always fun. Specially not at 5 AM.  Many are not aware that you can get to Berlin's airports with carsharing. Car2go is one of the carsharing companies that gets you to Schönefeld Airport, hassle free. In case you’re wondering why you should ...

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miles berlin carsharing

The Coolest Carsharing in Berlin #milesnotminutes

Drive by, the Berlin-based carsharing company has rebranded into MILES since November 2018. Their motto? #milesnotminutes. #milesnotminutes #MilesnotMinutes means that you pay for the distance you drive, not the minutes you’re using the vehicle for. This way you know how much you’ll be paying before you start your ride, and can chill out even in heavy traffic. MILEScharity MILES gives a portion of their revenue to the community and therefore, one cent per kilometer driven ...

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drivenow berlin carsharing

5 Things You Need to Know About DriveNow in Berlin

DriveNow is BMW Group’s free-floating carsharing service, providing you with a wide variety of different models. From the cool Mini Coupé to the innovative i3 electric car, you'll find the right vehicle for any kind of situation. DriveNow in Berlin is one of the providers that offer the biggest car fleet, so you’ll find a car pretty much anywhere around the city, making it quite easy to be spontaneous when ...

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drivenow tegel airport

The Best Way to Arrive to Tegel Airport with DriveNow

DriveNow, among others, added Tegel Airport to its carsharing business zone in Berlin. That means that you can drive to and from Tegel Airport with a DriveNow car and not have to worry about paying the taxi fees you would usually pay. So YES, there finally is a hassle-free alternative to public transport or taxis when it comes to arriving at Tegel Airport!   Driving to Tegel Airport with DriveNow Step 1: Book a car Obviously, ...

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drivenow schönefeld carsharing

Arriving or Leaving Berlin Schönefeld Airport with DriveNow

Did you know that with DriveNow you can easily drive to and from Berlin Schönefeld Airport? Whether you’re off on holiday or on a business trip, here’s your hassle-free alternative to public transport or taxis. Arriving at Schönefeld by car has never been so easy: drive there, park, and forget about the car! Getting to Schönefeld Airport with DriveNow Step 1: Find & Book a car Conveniently, the only thing you need is a DriveNow ...

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carsharing berlin airport

The Quickest & Easiest Way to Get To / From Berlin’s Airports

Public transport is fantastic. But you know that feeling when you arrive at the airport late at night and waiting for the next train means another 45 minutes before getting home… or having to leave on a business trip early in the morning and paying for an expensive taxi ride to the airport. Both scenarios often translate into frustration. But there’s a quick way to arrive or leave Berlin’s airports without having to ...

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christmas markets berlin

5 Berlin Christmas Markets to Get You in the Festive Spirit

A trip to a Berlin Christmas market is an absolute MUST. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than at one of Berlin’s beautiful Christmas markets. Soak up the golden light, tasty treats and Christmas atmosphere while you stroll around wooden cabins, buy handmade arts and crafts to put under (or on) the Christmas tree, and catch up with ...

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