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How to Rent and Drive an e-scooter in Berlin in 4 Easy Steps

Whether or not you’ve driven a scooter before, don’t worry. Berlin’s shared e-scooters are super simple to get the hang of, and in no time you’ll be zipping through town on one! Here’s the simplest way to book and find your e scooter in Berlin, along with hints and tips on how to get started.

First off, there are two e-scooter services available in Berlin. You’ve probably seen loads of black-and-green and red scooters parked all over town already right? Get ready to meet Berlin’s shared electric scooters! You can find out more about each one here: emmy and COUP.

What’s so great about these e scooters?


  • Keys? You don’t need keys! All you need is the app (in case you would like to try out both, I would recommend you get the Free2Move app, you’ll be able to access both).
  • Signup fees? Signing up is free (check out available offers in Berlin).
  • Experience? You don’t need experience driving scooters.
  • Parking? You also don’t have to pay for parking and insurance is automatically included in your rental. So all you need is a Free2Move account and a valid driver’s license.
  • What about helmets? You don’t need a helmet as they’re already included. Both scooters are great for single riders, but emmy has the added bonus of a second helmet in the glove box if you want to take a friend along too.

4 steps to easily rent an e-scooter in Berlin

Step 1: Find an electric scooter and book it

e scooter berlin

Free2Move allows you to find and book both emmy and COUP in a unified map. Tap on the scooter you’d like to ride, and tap “book” on the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to unlock, ride and lock your emmy scooter with just the Free2Move app. For COUP you’ll need to download the COUP app to your phone to unlock, ride and lock the scooter. Your scooter will be reserved for 15 minutes for you to find it in the street.

Tip: e-scooters can be parked on sidewalks, so don’t just look for one in regular parking locations.

Ride escooters today

Ride escooters today

Step 2: Put on your helmet… and headphones for navigation

e scooter berlin

You’ll find the helmet in an emmy’s helmet box at the back, which you open by pressing the red button. You’ll also find the scooter key in there, which you need to take out. For COUP, press the open helmet box button next to the break for the seat to open up. Your helmet will be in there! Close the seat again once you’ve taken out the helmet. In both cases, put on your helmet and close the clasp under your chin.

Tip: If you want navigation for your ride plug headphones into your smartphone, start the navigation. You can’t look at your phone, but you can listen to the navigation as you drive. It works a charm!

Step 3: Turn on the scooter

e scooter berlin

It’s almost party time! Now you can take the scooter off its kickstand. For emmy, do this by standing on the kickstand and (with a good push), roll the scooter forwards so that it comes off the stand. For COUP, lean the scooter on its wheels and off the stand, and fold in the stand with your foot.

Now it’s time to turn your scooter on! Take a seat on your emmy and hold the break. Then press the START button with your LEFT index finger. It’s behind the handle bar, so you can’t see it. For COUP, hold one break and press the GO button at the center display.

Step 4: Start driving your e scooter around Berlin

e scooter berlin

You’re good to go! Make sure to keep an eye out for traffic regulations, which apply to you as a scooter driver. You can park the vehicle anywhere in the business area when you’ve reached your destination. Enjoy your ride!

Tip: You’re allowed to overtake cars safely in standing traffic.

Ready to give scooter sharing a go? Try out the mobility aggregator app Free2Move, you’ll be able to compare vehicles to find the closest & cheapest ride every time. PLUS, you’ll find great offers from different providers in the city! If you’re also interested in renting cars, here’s a great overview of carsharing in Berlin.

Ride escooters today

Ride escooters today

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