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The Coolest Carsharing in Berlin #milesnotminutes

Drive by, the Berlin-based carsharing company has rebranded into MILES since November 2018. Their motto? #milesnotminutes.

miles berlin carsharing


#MilesnotMinutes means that you pay for the distance you drive, not the minutes you’re using the vehicle for. This way you know how much you’ll be paying before you start your ride, and can chill out even in heavy traffic.


MILES gives a portion of their revenue to the community and therefore, one cent per kilometer driven goes to social facilities.

How do I rent a MILES car?

booking Miles berlin carsharing

Step 1: Register

You can register for MILES online. By signing up through Free2Move, you’ll get 10€ MILEScredits  + FREE registration! Follow this link to register. Once you’re registered you can either download the Free2Move app and login to MILES or download the MILES app and log in. By using Free2Move you’ll also have access to the other carsharing providers in Berlin as well as in different cities. This means you’ll be able to drive MILES in Hamburg!


Say hello to MILES

Say hello to MILES

Step 2: Book the car

As soon as you found a car near you, book it! The vehicle is reserved for you for 30 minutes and you’ll be able to open it at a 50m distance. Before starting you’ll be asked if the car has any new damages and to confirm your driver’s license with you. After that, you’re ready to go!

Step 3: Drive

Depending on the car, you’ll either be able to start it by pressing the START/STOP button or by using the key which you’ll find in the glove compartment.

Step 4: End your ride

Once you arrive at your final destination, park your car (as long as you’re in the business area). To turn off the engine, press the stop button or remove the key and put it back in the glove compartment. Finally, press the “end ride” button on your app and you’re good to go!

miles berlin carsharing vehicles

Which cars can I drive?

MILES has +5 vehicles available in Berlin. Let’s check them out!

Small – Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Fiat 500 & Audi A1

Take one of those on a drive through town for awesome traffic visibility and easy parking. You’ll pay 0,79 €/km and 49€/day.

Medium – Audi A3

Smooth, luxurious and with enough room to take your friends for a drive. Slightly more expensive than small cars: 0,99 €/km and 69€/day.

Large – VW t6 and Crafter

These vans will be your best friends the next time you move for only 1,19 €/km or 89€ for a whole day!

Any extra costs I should know about?

Airport fee

Parking and picking up a MILES car at both of Berlin’s airports is possible! You’ll have to park the car in a specific parking area reserved for carsharing. Although other carsharing companies like car2go & DriveNow charge an extra fee for airports, MILES won’t charge you anything!

Check out where you can park the cars at Schönefeld & Tegel airports!

Fuel & insurance

Both are included in the price you pay for driving! Note that you’ll get 500 MILEScredits (equals  5€) for refueling the car when the tank is below 25%. You’ll find the credit card in the glove compartment and you can use it at a Total, Shell or Aral.

Parking the car outside the business area

You can also plan a day trip outside the business area. Just take into account that you won’t be able to end your ride, you’ll have to park it the time needed and bring it back into the business zone when you’re done. You’ll be charged 29ct per minute.

You’ll find ALL the information you need regarding any other additional costs as parking tickets here.

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