car2go berlin carsharing

Drive a Mercedes or a smart with Car2go in Berlin

Car2go is the biggest carsharing company worldwide. You’ll find them in more than 25 cities across Canada, USA, China, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Austria and ...

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Coup berlin

Everything You Need to Know About COUP e-Scooters

Mobility sharing has been evolving at such a fast pace that all the big players in the industry have been investing in it. COUP is ...

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emmy sharing berlin

Emmy Sharing in Berlin

Berlin is on the front line when it comes to urban mobility. You can easily find all sorts of services across car sharing, scooter and ...

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miles berlin carsharing

The Coolest Carsharing in Berlin #milesnotminutes

Drive by, the Berlin-based carsharing company has rebranded into MILES since November 2018. Their motto? #milesnotminutes. #milesnotminutes #MilesnotMinutes means that you pay for the distance you drive, ...

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drivenow berlin carsharing

5 Things You Need to Know About DriveNow in Berlin

DriveNow is BMW Group’s free-floating carsharing service, providing you with a wide variety of different models. From the cool Mini Coupé to the innovative i3 ...

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car sharing madrid

Car Sharing Madrid

For environmentally conscious customers, the four-seated Citroen C-Zero by Emov is a perfect choice for car sharing in Madrid: quiet, emission-free, extremely maneuverable and surprisingly ...

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free2move car sharing washington DC

Free2Move Carsharing is Live in Washington DC

Good morning Washington DC! There’s a new way to move around town! Groupe PSA just launched its carsharing services in Washington, DC. Free2Move Carsharing is the new "free-floating" ...

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miles hamburg - carsharing

Welcome to Hamburg, MILES!

MILES, the Berlin-based carsharing company is now in Hamburg, since November 2018. Their motto? #milesnotminutes. #milesnotminutes #milesnotminutes means that you pay for the distance you drive, not ...

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