Ikea delivery fee alternative

Want to Save on Ikea Delivery Fees? Here’s how.

Let’s be honest, you can never guarantee what you’re going to walk out of an Ikea store with. Whether it’s candles you forgot you’d run out of, an impromptu set of sheets you definitely didn’t need, or an armchair to match the sofa you went to buy, it’s hard to control yourself once you enter the gold and navy gates to home improvement heaven. But there’s one thing you can guarantee – and that’s to bring your new prized possessions home hassle-free. Whatever level of Ikea run you’re planning, we’ve got the perfect solution for how to get there and back without crying into your hotdog and paying for delivery. Here’s how to avoid Ikea delivery fees.

3 alternatives to save on Ikea delivery fees

Level 1: A lamp and some candles

Solution: Choose an hour package with free-floating carsharing – check out all the carsharing in Berlin

COST: €17.90 for a 2h package with car2go VS. Ikea’s delivery fee of €29 for low weight purchases of a maximum value of €500, delivery on the next day. 


If you’re going to Ikea for a spontaneous Saturday morning “oh I don’t really need anything but a new lamp wouldn’t hurt” stroll, your best bet is to book a free-floating car with a multi-hour package. Not only will you save money compared to using a carsharing minute tariff, but you’ll be guaranteed your car will still be there when you’re ready to go home. Another benefit is that with 2, 4 or 6-hour packages, you can choose in advance how long you’d like to spend on your trip! For a quick wander with no last-minute check-out stress and a hot dog to reward yourself before driving home, a 2-hour package is enough time to get you there, in and out and you and your new orchids/pillows/curtains delivered home.

Level 2: Planning a kitchen

Solution: Roundtrip vehicle booked for however long you need

COST: €18 for 6 hours plus €0.20 per km with Ubeeqo VS. Ikea’s delivery charge of €29 for low weight purchases of a maximum value of €500 OR €49 for purchases of  a value of €500 and +, delivery on the next day. 


Longer stays in an Ikea store with waiting time, help from a salesperson, or trying out every sofa in the shop shouldn’t be made more stressful by being tied to a time schedule. Find the best deals for all-day rentals by choosing a stationary provider near your home. Since you won’t be driving many miles you probably won’t need an add-on mile package, so this is the easiest way to book a spacious car big enough for your exhausted self and any goodies you picked up after the longest conversation about shelves in history home in one piece.

Level 3: Skipping the delivery

Solution: Hire a van/transporter with MILES

COST: €1,19 per km with MILES – shouldn’t be more then €15


If you’ve committed to a bigger furniture purchase (possibly after completing levels 1 and 2) you’re ready to pick up your lovely new sofa/wardrobe/bed and bring it home. To save on Ikea’s costs of delivery (and waiting times), hire a van with a pay-by-mile deal. You’ll have all the room for your new flat packs in, as well as an easy way to get home. You’ll get even better deals if you plan in advance, such as MILES’s exclusive Ikea offer which takes you from Berlin Tempelhof Ikea to Warschauer Straße for just €11.90. Don’t forget to bring a friend to help you carry!

Pro tip: if the van is parked too far away to walk when you first pick it, up, pick up your friend and get an Emmy or a COUP scooter there.

You’re in a hurry, it’s starting to rain and you’re nowhere near public transport? Don’t stress out over switching between sharing apps to find the closest car! View all your car, bike, and scooter sharing accounts in ONE map to always find the most convenient ride for you. Download Free2Move – your transport miracle cure! If you’re still new to carsharing, here’s a quick overview that should get you started easily!

Drive to Ikea with carsharing

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