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Drive To And From Tegel Airport With Car2go

In Berlin, you can drive to and from Tegel airport with Car2go and other carsharing companies. In case you’re wondering why you should even consider ...

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starting a bike commute

6 Tips for Starting a Cycle Commute

Ah, January. The month of new beginnings, failing diets and still feeling a bit ill at the thought of roast potatoes. Are you looking for ...

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Driving To Schönefeld Airport With Car2go

Arriving to Schönefeld Airport shouldn't be a hassle, but most of the time it is. Taking a taxi costs between 40 & 50 euros and going ...

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drivenow tegel airport

The Best Way to Arrive to Tegel Airport with DriveNow

DriveNow, among others, added Tegel Airport to its carsharing business zone in Berlin. That means that you can drive to and from Tegel Airport with a ...

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drivenow schönefeld carsharing

Arriving or Leaving Berlin Schönefeld Airport with DriveNow

Did you know that with DriveNow you can easily drive to and from Berlin Schönefeld Airport? Whether you’re off on holiday or on a business trip, here’s ...

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carsharing berlin airport

The Quickest & Easiest Way to Get To / From Berlin’s Airports

Public transport is fantastic. But you know that feeling when you arrive at the airport late at night and waiting for the next train means ...

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Bike Commuting Tips

Be Ready to Commute With Any Vehicle With These Pro Tips!

Bike Commuting Tips Cycling is good for the environment, cheap and gives you a free workout! It’s also a great way to commute in heavy traffic ...

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The 10 Worst Everyday Travel Situations… And How To Avoid Them

Public transport is fantastic. It gets millions of people where they need to go every day, it’s affordable AND it’s good for the environment. But ...

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