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Everything You Need to Know About COUP e-Scooters

Mobility sharing has been evolving at such a fast pace that all the big players in the industry have been investing in it. COUP is Bosch’s free-floating scooter-sharing service, based in Berlin. They’re also pretty easy to recognise: the scooters black and green, all over town, and sound a bit like a Tamagotchi. And guess what, they’re the perfect way to get around the city!

Where can you use COUP?

COUP started in Berlin but is now also available in Tübingen, Paris and Madrid, and hopefully they will keep on adding new cities to the list. Once your account is validated, you can use their services in any location. So next time you’re travelling there, you’ll know how to get around!

How can you register for COUP?

Make sure you have your driver’s license and some sort of ID or passport ready when you register. It will only take five minutes – and this is how it works:

Download the app

The first step is to download the app. If you use Free2Move, you could also go to the provider’s list, scroll to COUP and click the “register” button.

Create an account

Fill in the information to create your account and add your credit card information.

ID verification

Validate your driver’s license and ID within the app.

Getting started with COUP

Now that you’re all set up and got your account validated, it’s time to start driving. In case you are using Free2Move, log in to the app and go to the Provider List to get information about COUP. If you never tried Free2Move, now’s your chance! You can access, compare and book all shared vehicles in Berlin: cars, scooters or bikes.

Ride COUP scooters

Ride COUP scooters

Find your COUP scooter, book and drive it.

  • Open Free2Move or COUP to find the closest scooter. Reserve it free of charge for the first 15 minutes.
  • Unlock the scooter (make sure your bluetooth is on), open the helmet box by clicking the button on the left handle. Put on your helmet.
  • Now sit on the scooter, fold in the kickstand, press on one of the brakes and push the “go” button at the same time. Your booking begins as soon as the wheels start!
  • After arriving at your destination, park the scooter on a sidewalk (please don’t leave it in the middle of the sidewalk) and end your booking in the app. Done!

COUP Berlin

Park your COUP scooter in the business area

COUP can be used in the most central districts of Berlin, such as Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg, Neukölln, Moabit and Wedding.

What kind of scooters will you be driving with COUP?

Apart from the fact that COUP scooters are easy-as-pie we can also tell you they’re loads of FUN! The scooters are made exclusively by Gogoro in Taiwan.

Also, they are emission-free and super quiet. The maximum speed is set to 45 km/h which is more than enough to enjoy the city. In Berlin, there are two different types available: Gogoro S1 & Gogoro S2.

How much does it cost to drive COUP in Berlin?


The first 30 minutes will cost you €3, after that you will be charged 1€ for every additional 10 minutes. If you end up driving the whole day, you’ll only have to pay a maximum of €20. The registration for the App is free!

Insurance & battery

  • COUP fully covers you! You’re insured as a third-party. Liability is limited to a co-payment of a maximum of 350€.
  • You don’t need to charge the battery, COUP does it for you. Just check the battery level of a scooter on the app before reserving it.

You’ll find ALL the information you need regarding any other additional costs as lost helmets here.


Did you know you can find other scooter sharing providers in Berlin like Emmy? I would definetly recommend you give Free2Move app a go, you’ll be able to compare vehicles to find the closest & cheapest ride every time. PLUS, you’ll find great offers from different providers in the city! If you’re also interested in renting cars, here’s a great overview of carsharing in Berlin.

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