Shapeless’ HLists and how to traverse them

In this article, I will explain the basics of [cci language="scala"]HList[/cci], polymorphic functions and [cci language="scala"]cats.Traverse[/cci] and then show how to combine these concepts for the greater good. If you consider yourself familiar with shapeless and cats, feel free to skip the basics. Type-safe data structures One of the things I love working with Scala is the powerful type system. Though building on the rather limited, but still very effective capabilities of ...

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Acking (Partially) Parallelly Processed Elements

Event sourcing with stream processing of events is great. It makes it possible to express your processing pipeline in a really natural way; it makes it easy to understand what processing steps are performed and in what order; and it allows for easily scaling up your processing pipeline, when properly done. Moreover, event streams allow for resiliency, and can be resumed in case of a crash or application restart. That last ...

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