carsharing hacks

6 Carsharing Life Hacks Every Driver Needs to Know

Because that takeaway pizza won’t warm itself 1. Keep your takeaway warm with seat heating via GIPHY The next time you get a takeaway meal put it on the seat next to you and switch on the seat heater for in-car heat retention. Not only will your food stay toasty and delicious, but you’ll be less stressed to get home in a hurry while your food is hot. That’s right people, BE your ...

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hamburg carsharing

Carsharing Hamburg

Miles not minutes: with MILES you get charged only for the distance and not the time of your trip. So no pressure when your trip takes longer than expected. Start carsharing in Hamburg with MILES. free-floating provider free registration with Free2Move + 10 free km prices starting from €0,79 - €1,19/km minimum age: 18 years reservation time: 30 min for free insurance, parking fees and fuel included Free2Move is the largest mobility ...

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