11 things you didn’t know about carsharing (#7 might surprise you)

Carsharing can seem a little daunting if you haven’t tried it, right? What’s allowed and what’s not, how far can you go, and what is covered in the price? Here are 10 facts about drive-on-demand vehicles that might surprise you. 1.You don’t have to pay for parking Parking adds up quickly when you’re driving a personal vehicle. Shared vehicles are exempt from parking meters, meaning that you can park them in a ...

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reduce carbon footprint - recycle

5 Ways to Integrate Sustainability Into Your Daily Routine

When it comes to protecting the planet, the little things really do add up. No matter how small your contribution, whether it’s choosing recyclable materials, reducing your waste or adapting your travel habits, what you do in daily life makes a difference. Here are a few tips of things you can incorporate into your daily habits that will become second-nature in no time, seriously reduce your carbon footprint, and hopefully ...

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Road trip- valentines day ideas

Do Something Different This Valentine’s Day… Whether You’re Single or Not.

When it comes to Valentine's Day, we’ve heard and seen it all: heart-shaped helium balloons floating through the city, drugstores wallpapered with offers for pink perfumes, "Kiss" and "I Will Always Love You" on permanent loop on the radio and of course the overcrowded restaurants on February 14th. It’s easy to get the feeling that this day was invented exclusively for perfect couples holding hands, walking through a park and ...

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carsharing tips

Free2Mover’s Top Winter Carsharing Tips

Slippery sidewalks, freezing cold bus stops, snow storms out of nowhere… Driving a car in winter can be a real saving grace from the elements. But there are a few tips and tricks experienced carsharers use that make their winter driving experience even better, or in some cases can save you some cash while defrosting the car! Check out our top winter carsharing tips from our very own Free2Movers right ...

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best travel apps to plan your trip

13 Travel Apps That Will Help You Plan Your Next Trip

Are you planning your next trip? Looking for the apps that will help you plan better and enjoy your trip to the fullest? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of the best travel apps you can find today. 13 of the best travel apps Travelling Buy your flight ticket on Skyscanner Skyscanner is an app that lets you search for flights (you can also check car rentals & hotels). The interface ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Carsharing

From why it matters to how to get started. Let’s face it: carsharing is an incredible way to move around your city. It’s convenient, good for the environment, and a sustainable alternative to car ownership. But what impact does it have on your city, and how does it work? We’ve collected the key data about carsharing here so you can get an overview of its benefits, and get ready to start ...

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winter blues - escape to rome

4 Ways to Escape the Winter Blues

Daydreaming of a day in the sun while freezing your butt off this winter? You’re not alone! Whatever your budget, how much time you’ve got, or just how hard the winter blues have hit you, we’ve got different solution to fill you with good vibes until spring finally comes. Check them out here! 4 Ways you can escape the winter blues in Berlin this year Winter Blues Level 1: Sweat it out ...

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booking drivenow tegel

Drive To And From Tegel Airport With Car2go

In Berlin, you can drive to and from Tegel airport with Car2go and other carsharing companies. In case you’re wondering why you should even consider this option, let me just say that it’s cheaper than a taxi, faster than public transport, AND you won’t need to drag your luggage in the S-Bahn. Keep on reading to get all the information you need for your next trip!     Tegel Airport with car2go Book ...

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