winter in berlin

How these People Survived Winter with Carsharing

One thing’s for sure: winter in Berlin isn’t a walk in the park. Whether it’s your first winter in Germany’s capital or you’ve been here for a few years, those seemingly endless colds, grey and short days can really get to you. But let’s be honest, spring, summer and autumn in Berlin are definitely worth going through a tough winter. And with a couple of tips and tricks you can make those winter months a lot easier. Treating yourself to a trip to a sauna, insulated insoles and opting for a shared vehicle to get around town are some great ways to give yourself a little boost when you need it this winter. Check out how these people stayed warm and happy in winter in Berlin with carsharing.

5 Ways to Make This Winter in Berlin More Bearable

Andres, 32, Spain


winter in berlin


My birthday is in February and last year I decided to have a dinner birthday party at my house to celebrate. By February my friends and I felt like we hadn’t left the house since the Christmas markets other than to go to work… so I knew I had to put in a real effort to make everyone leave their sofa and come to mine instead! I rented a car to drive to a supermarket with a parking lot so I could load up on drinks and groceries and my girlfriend and I cooked up a Mexican-themed FIESTA to bring some heat to the party. And it totally worked!

Helen, 27, Canada



I got out of a yoga class and was laughing with a friend about how the weather was looking like the opposite of enlightenment: dark clouds pulled up out of nowhere and there were leaves blowing through the air. We said goodbye and luckily I thought I’ll grab a car home, deciding against a scooter… and two minutes later just as I got in a car it started POURING! I would have gotten absolutely soaked had I not been in a car. Namastay dry, people!

Lea, 30, Lebanon



After the final round of Christmas present shopping one Saturday last December I got stuck in a rain shower while waiting for the tram… which was then CANCELLED. I was freezing cold, tired and grumpy from the stress of shopping and this was literally the final straw before I was about to lose it. Then I remembered to have a look at my Free2Move app and found a Miles car just 100 meters away from me, and booked it! I’m a student so price is really important to me when it comes to transport, and I only ended up paying €0.70 more than the tram would have cost to get me home. And once I was in the car with my shopping bags I put the seat heating on its top setting… and was toasty warm in a few minutes! Honestly, I was so grateful to be able to get home quickly and jump in the bathtub.

Try out Free2Move

Try out Free2Move

Alexandra, 31, France



When I first moved to Berlin last winter my girlfriends took me out for a night of barhopping around town. I wore like 3 layers but a few of the places we visited were either freezing cold loft spaces or in an actual car park… so it was SO lovely to hop into a warm car as our designated driver took us from one place to another! I had no idea carsharing was that easy and it really made my first freezing Berlin winter experience a lot more pleasant.

Marco, 34, Italy



My girlfriend took me for a romantic drive around to see the sights of Berlin last winter because I hadn’t lived here long. It was such a sweet date idea as she’d planned a route for us with places to stop for coffee between sights and everything. We had a lovely day, and it definitely convinced me that Berlin was the right place for me to live – and she was the perfect girl to live here with! But I have to say, at minus 10 degrees this date would have been a hell of a lot less romantic without a car.


Ready to find out how carsharing can help you get through the cold dark months? Awesome! Not sure where to start? Here’s an overview of all the carsharing in Berlin that will have you cruising through town snuggly and warm even in minus degrees in no time. 

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