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6 Carsharing Life Hacks Every Driver Needs to Know

Because that takeaway pizza won’t warm itself

1. Keep your takeaway warm with seat heating


The next time you get a takeaway meal put it on the seat next to you and switch on the seat heater for in-car heat retention. Not only will your food stay toasty and delicious, but you’ll be less stressed to get home in a hurry while your food is hot. That’s right people, BE your own favorite delivery guy.

2. Cool your car down without AC


By rolling down the front windows and keeping the back ones closed the air will circulate more quickly in your car, cooling it down in less time. Breezy!

3. Stuck in a traffic jam? Don’t switch lanes


Switching lanes in a traffic jam may seem like the quickest way to get forward, but it actually can make the traffic jam worse, and increase your risk of getting in an accident. Do yourself a favor and relax in one lane the next time you’re stuck in traffic. (If you’re anticipating high traffic make sure to book a service that charges by distance and not time, like MILES.)

4. Iced windshield? Park facing East


When parking your car in the winter make sure to park your car facing east overnight. That way when the sun starts to come up it will hopefully have time to defrost the windshield before you (or the next person) start driving!

5. Lost? Ask a delivery restaurant for directions


Most carsharing vehicles come with their own navigation. But if all fails and you’re really stuck somewhere, find a restaurant that delivers their food to ask for directions. Their drivers will know the area better than their back pocket.

6. Stop switching between apps to find your closest ride


You’re in a hurry, it’s starting to rain and you’re nowhere near public transport? Don’t stress out over switching between sharing apps to find the closest car! View all your car, bike, and scooter sharing accounts in ONE map to always find the most convenient ride for you. Download Free2Move – your transport miracle cure!

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