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The Ultimate Low-Down on Carsharing in Berlin

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Let’s be honest: carsharing in Berlin can seem a little daunting at first. With hundreds of vehicles and a dozen sharing services available, it can be hard to know where to start looking for the perfect ride.In fact, Berlin is the largest capital of carsharing and has the highest amount of providers! So which service is right for me? Here’s a super-simple overview of the different carsharing models Berlin has to offer so you can make the best decision every time. Soon enough you’ll realize that you can easily live here without owning a car… while having the advantages of owning one.


All of Carsharing in Berlin


Carsharing Model number 1: Freefloating

BEST FOR: one-way inner city trips, spontaneity

miles - carsharing berlin

Freefloating carsharing services have the biggest fleets and are often the most visible in your city. Once you start noticing them, you’ll see them everywhere! Start by finding a bookable car near you on your Free2Move app. Book the vehicle you’ve selected, drive to your destination, park and leave the car there for another person to pick up. Easy peasy, right! The only thing you need to look out for? Make sure you park inside the business area.

Berlin’s freefloating carsharing providers are:


Miles is a Berlin-based carsharing company. Their motto? Charging by miles, not minutes. This means that you pay for the distance you drive and not the time of the trip. So there’s no time pressure when you’re stuck in traffic and your trip takes longer than expected. Plus you can choose between luxurious Audis, stylish Fiat 500s and even vans in case you need help with your moving. Both Tegel and Schönefeld airports are in the business zone.

You’ll find different options to get to Berlin’s airports with carsharing here.


Besides the typical Smart fortwo, car2go offers a wide range of comfortable Mercedes models from the A-Class up to a spacious GLA. A great thing about car2go is that you’ll find their cars pretty much everywhere in the city, even during rush hour. And let’s be honest, driving a Smart in the city is just so practical: you can park it almost anywhere. Same as Miles, you can park your car2go at Tegel & Schönefeld airports. 


DriveNow provides you with a wide variety of different models by BMW Group – from the cool Mini Coupé to the innovative i3 electric car. The most important parts of Berlin are covered by the business zone, also including both airports: Tegel and Schönefeld. And here’s a fun fact: in case your phone runs out of battery, you can close the car with your DriveNow card!

You can read more about how to get to Schönefeld Airport with DriveNow.


Carsharing Model number 2: Stationary

BEST FOR: shopping or IKEA round-trips, weekends away, booking in advance

ubeeqo - carsharing berlin

Stationary providers’ cars need to be returned to a specific parking location, making them ideal for round-trips. Parking locations can be either the one you picked the car up from or another pre-determined location in your city. These providers are perfect for there-and-back-again like bigger shopping trips, or (yes, we’ve all been there) rides to Ikea (we’ve even got a complete guide on saving on Ikea delivery fees with carsharing). What are the main advantages? It’s much cheaper for longer trips and you can book cars up to one month in advance. 

Here’s an overview of the stationary providers Berlin has to offer:


With Ubeeqo you’ll always find exactly the car you need right around the corner. You can choose between BMW1s, VW Golfs or Minis. Coffee with granny? Day trip to Potsdam? You can easily pick up a car from a specific station and return it to that same station. It’s similar to a classic rental but much easier.


Cambio offers all vehicles sizes: Toyota Aygo, Ford Fiesta, Ford Courrier, Ford Focus and even Ford Transporter. So you can pretty much find a car for ANY situation. If you need a car for a few hours or days, cambio is the right choice. AND, your cambio account is also valid for the vehicles of stadtmobil.


Need a cruiser for a short trip? A spacious van for your move? Stadtmobil has it – at very moderate prices. Of course, the same goes for Stadtmobil: your account also works for cambio vehicles.


Flinkster is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, so you will mostly find Flinkster stations at urban railway stations, as well as in the city centers. You can find cars like the Ford Fiesta and the Opel Astra.


Carsharing Model number 3: Peer-2-peer

BEST FOR: unique cars, round-trips, weekends away, meeting the neighbors!

drivy - carsharing berlin

This service is very similar to stationary carsharing. The main difference is that it allows private car owners to rent their car to other drivers. This gives you the widest choice of vehicle types – you can find everything from convertibles to station wagons.

In Berlin, you can rent peer-2-peer vehicles with:


Drivy is the largest platform for peer-to-peer carsharing where you can rent vehicles from private individuals: from a small car to exotic sports cars for special occasions.  You can easily browse for the best option by using the different filters offered by drivy.


Comparison of all the Carsharing in Berlin

comparison of carsharing in berlin

Ready to give carsharing a go? Awesome! Is there more than one service you’re interested in? Or want to compare vehicles to find the cheapest ride every time? Try out the mobility aggregator app Free2Move, which functions the same way Booking.com does for hotels or Skyscanner does for flights. Free2Move gives you access to thousands of shared cars, scooters and bikes, all in one app. PLUS, you’ll find great offers from different providers in Berlin. 

Compare and book rides in one app

If you’re interested, give a look to our guide to renting an e scooter in Berlin. And that’s it! Give us a thumbs up if this was helpful and sign up with our newsletter for more car, bike, and scooter sharing tips and tricks.

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