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The Quickest & Easiest Way to Get To / From Berlin’s Airports

Public transport is fantastic. But you know that feeling when you arrive at the airport late at night and waiting for the next train means another 45 minutes before getting home… or having to leave on a business trip early in the morning and paying for an expensive taxi ride to the airport. Both scenarios often translate into frustration.

But there’s a quick way to arrive or leave Berlin’s airports without having to pay the ridiculous taxi fees. For a cheap alternative, use car sharing. The next time you travel to or from Berlin’s airports you should consider booking a Miles, car2go or DriveNow car with Free2Move and saving yourself the hassle of public transport or expensive taxi rides.

Try out Free2Move

Try out Free2Move

Additional airport fee?

Carsharing providers do charge extra on top of your regular fee for airport parking and pick-up. Here are the additional prices:

airport-prices-carsharing berlin airport


Arrive to/from Tegel Airport (TXL) with carsharing

For BERLIN TEGEL (TXL) airport, when driving on the highway, simply follow the signs to Terminals A and E and you’ll soon see the CARSHARING signs to P2 parking (if you’re leaving the airport, you’ll find the P2 area near Terminal D). Allocated parking spaces for carsharing vehicles and parked shared cars for pick-up are located on the top level of P2.

airports_tegel-carsharing berlin airport


Arrive to/from Schönefeld Airport (SXF) with carsharing

For BERLIN SCHÖNEFELD (SXF) airport, follow the signs to Terminal D and you’ll then see the signs for P6 parking where you can drop off or pick up your vehicle. This area is reserved for all carsharing providers, so you can park any shared vehicle in this zone.

airports_schonefeld-carsharing berlin airport


Forget about the parking ticket

One last important thing you need to know: no parking ticket is needed! The gates will automatically open when you approach them with a car from Miles, DriveNow or car2go!


If you’re looking for the quickest way to figure out if there’s a car close to you, try out the Free2Move app. It works the same way does for hotels: you can access all shared cars around you in one app!

Try out Free2Move

Try out Free2Move

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