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Drive To And From Tegel Airport With Car2go

In Berlin, you can drive to and from Tegel airport with Car2go and other carsharing companies. In case you’re wondering why you should even consider this option, let me just say that it’s cheaper than a taxi, faster than public transport, AND you won’t need to drag your luggage in the S-Bahn. Keep on reading to get all the information you need for your next trip!


booking car2go tegel


Tegel Airport with car2go

Book your car

Whether you’re arriving or departing from Tegel Airport, you should start off by opening your Free2Move App to find and reserve the closest car. Make sure your car2go account is connected on the app in order to book it! In case you don’t find a car2go car, keep in mind that there are other carsharing providers that get you to TXL airport (you’ll see that on the Free2Move app).


Get closer to the car you booked and enter the PIN that appears on the small screen in the front window. Get in the car and put the key in to start the engine. And you’re ready to go!


Once you’ll arrive at your final destination, simply park the car in the carsharing parking area (P2), put back the key in the glove compartment and end your rental. Easy right?

car2go tegel airport

Will you pay an extra airport fees at the TXL Airport?

You will be charged an additional fee of 5,90€ to your ride to and from Tegel airport. For the rest, you’ll be paying the same minute rate you usually do. Based on my experience, driving from Prenzlauer Berg to Tegel airport costs 15 euros vs. 25 euros with a Taxi. Not bad right?

Discover which carsharing companies can get you to / from Berlin Tegel Airport

Discover which carsharing companies can get you to / from Berlin Tegel Airport


parking car2go at tegel airport

Where should you park/pick up the car?

Driving to TXL with car2go

When arriving at the airport, follow the signs to Terminals A and E and you’ll soon arrive at the P2 parking. The area is reserved for all carsharing providers so you can drop off the car there.

Leaving TXL with car2go

If you’re driving back to the city, walk towards Terminal D and you’ll find the P2 area right in front of you! You’ll see loads of car2go, DriveNow and MILES cars in the parking waiting for you to book!


no ticket fee with car2go at tegel

Passing the parking barriers

That’s the easiest part. The carpark gates automatically open when you approach with a your ca2go rental, so you don’t need a ticket. That’s it, you’re ready to go!

If you don’t find a car2go, there are plenty of other carsharing companies in Berlin, and here are the ones that you case use to get to Tegel Airport. You can access them all through the Free2Move App so why not give it a go? Download the App and connect your different accounts in a minute. You can even register once and the app will sign you up with different providers!

Get to Tegel better

Get to Tegel better

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